4 Ways to Enjoy God in Trials

It has been my contention – that all of life is about enjoying God.  This is the purpose for which we were made.  It is rooted deeply in both Scripture and the Christian tradition - and perhaps most clearly articulated in the Westminster Catechism: 

 Q. What is man’s chief end? (His reason for being)

 A.  Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

- Westminster Catechism, 1647

This sweet doctrine was taught by Augustine of Hippo, Jonathan Edwards, and more recently C. S. Lewis and John Piper.  In my most recent sermon entitled "Enjoying God in Trials" I suggested four ways we can do this.   

 1. We can enjoy God’s presence in trials.

 2. We can enjoy God’s people in trials.

 3. We can enjoy God's promises in trials.

 4. We can enjoy God's pleasures in trials.

Over the years I have been very thankful for God’s presence, his promises and his pleasures (“Gifts from God to keep our hearts occupied" – Ecclesiastes 5:19-20).  However, in more recent years I have had a renewed appreciation for the people of God.  Pastors have burdens and trials just like everyone else.  In fact, sometimes God uses these to help us become better pastors – more gentle and understanding with the struggles and weaknesses of those we minister to (see Hebrews 5:1-3).  Yet the “physical presence of other Christians” to quote Dietrich Bonhoeffer, has been an "incomparable source of joy and strength. . . ” to me (citation taken from Life Together).  I am so thankful for the people of God whom I have enjoyed in trials. If you are not in community, living life together with other Christian friends, you are really missing out...