On Sunday, August 25, several leaders recapped the last 8 months of growth and change here at Calvary.

Our church’s local and global outreach ministries have always worked toward common goals to reach our city and the world with the love of Jesus. This spring, we’re bringing them together in a fresh way.

On March 3, one of our elders, Dave Kurt, announced that our restated constitution was enthusiastically adopted by congregational vote.  As a result, our new constitution became effective on March 1.  The first official action was to affirm Josh Reasoner as our lead teaching pastor, which we celebrated at our Sunday service on March 3.  One of the major changes in our new constitution is the creation of elder term limits as well as a new process for nominating and choosing new elders.  

As you know, we are toward the final stages of restating our old constitution. I am pleased to report that as of the end of the 30-day voting period, February 15th, we have received only four votes against the restated constitution.  This means that as of March 1st, 2019, the proposed restated constitution becomes official.  We will immediately begin working on the Lay Elder nomination process and term limit procedures.  You will hear more of this in the very near future.

A church is like a big family, and family members need to talk and listen to each other well in order to flourish and grow.  I plan to touch base with you here to keep our church community informed of big picture issues relating to Calvary. We had a fantastic turnout for our Family Meeting last Sunday.