Let this be recorded for a generation to come so that a people yet to be created may praise the Lord. - Psalm 102:18



September 2019 Bulletin Story - Carried

Kathleen & Bill McClure

After years of pouring themselves into ministry and their community, the McClure’s found themselves unexpectedly needing to be cared for. God carried them and very often he used the hands - and prayers - of people around them.

Read more of Kathleen & Bill’s story and connect with them.

Kathleen and Bill talk frankly about living with the reality of cancer and praying prayers of pain that lead to trust in part 2 of their story, “Lament.” Plus read “Peaceful Lament.”, a poem by artist Laura Duggleby, who spent time taking the beautiful photos of the McClure’s.

One of our favorite moments in the interview came while Bill was talking about community: “Part of the joy of our ministry has been the connection around the world. That is what the body of Christ should be. And if somebody doesn’t have it, you’re missing out, and I don’t want you to. If you need a friend, call us!” He meant it.


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