God is constantly changing lives in our city and around the world. Many of these stories are left untold to the larger church. And he he has written his redemptive story on the hearts of humanity. We want to amplify, authenticate, and announce the gospel by creatively retelling these stories. From the rescue of an orphan to the healing of a marriage, the narrative of humanity is summed up in one eternal story: the grace of God for sinners, revealed in Jesus Christ, and imparted to us by his Holy Spirit. 


What is the Bible if not a story of God revealing himself to broken people and using them to help accomplish his purposes? His is a story that never grows old because he is still writing it in each of our lives. We have been created to worship our God and enjoy him forever. The more we’re reminded of his redeeming love at work in the lives of those around us, the deeper our worship becomes. And when we hear about the great things God is doing in our midst, it gives us hope to keep loving and serving where he has us.  So we invite you to embrace the narrative God has written for you. He’s telling a story you don’t want to miss. And he's using you to do it.

Types of Stories We Tell