That's Not Me - Identity Series Resources

We often search for other things apart from Jesus to try and define ourselves. That’s Not Me, our six-week series on identity, seeks to recognize what we look to for hope in this world. The series focuses on being attentive to what scripture says about who we really are:

I am not what I have.
I am not what I do.
I am not what you think of me.
I am not what I look like.
I am not my desires.
I am not what I have been through.

Identity isn’t supposed to be changeable. It’s through Jesus that we find our value and purpose. Beginning with rooting our sense of self in who we belong to and what Jesus has done for us, we are launching into a serious exploration of our identity in Christ in That’s Not Me.

To go along with this series, we put together a list of books, articles, and sermons with the theme of identity. There’s also a Spotify playlist. Follow our Spotify @calvaryvalpo and check out our That’s Not Me playlist.