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Introducing Noah Smith: Calvary Students' New Leader


Introducing Noah Smith this past Sunday as our new Director of Student Ministries marks the end of a nearly year-long search to fill the Calvary Students leadership position. And in many ways, we're ending where we began.

When Mark Lackey stepped down to pursue other endeavors last May, Becky Gualandi and the CSM staff and volunteer team continued serving and shepherding students with the same heart and dedication they have always shown. Noah came on board in the fall to help the team while also ministering to Valparaiso students part-time with Youth For Christ. We were able to take our time and be patient for the Lord to reveal the right person because of the effectiveness of Becky and her team. 

The search committee combed through a lot of resumes and talked with many good, qualified candidates both via video conferencing and in person. In his own time, the Lord brought forward someone who was already on the team and showing his love for our students. Noah’s ability to connect with students and his love for the Lord were proved right before our eyes!

Noah comes to us with a four year degree in student ministries from Trinity International University and experience in both church work and para-church work with Youth For Christ. In addition to his zeal for student ministries, Noah feels a “pastoral call” on his life. His hope - and our desire for him - is to attend seminary and grow in experience over time, which will qualify him to become a member of the pastoral team here at Calvary. This is a familiar model at Calvary as both Josh Reasoner and Mark Lackey have served on the Calvary staff while attending seminary and grew into their respective roles.

I am very pleased to be put in the position of helping coach Noah as he grows in experience in a larger student ministry. My 20+ years of experience running large student ministries can be used to foster these gifts in a great young man. Noah’s wife, Michelle, also loves ministry, the Lord, and these students! It’s fun to see her interact with both middle school and high school students here at Calvary.

Noah will be responsible for the overall ministry direction of Calvary Students. He has the support of the CSM team, and in particular, Becky is excited to work with Noah and supports his leadership. The two of them have complementary gifts and will work well together as the Lord leads this ministry in a new direction. 

I see the Lord at work here and it is a privilege to be a part of watching this young man grow into full-time ministry. Please remember to pray for Noah and Michelle, Becky and the team, and the volunteers as they serve the Lord by loving and leading our students.