Jame's Story: Living from the Inside Out

Statistically speaking, James Cooper shouldn’t be alive right now. Most people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy don’t live past their early twenties. He’s 37. And while his life is a miracle in and of itself, what’s even more miraculous is the abundant life he’s found in Christ despite his circumstances. Through the hardship and inconvenience that accompanies his condition, James’ sense of his daily need for Jesus is just that much more pronounced. And while his faith hasn’t erased his problems, it has given him an eternal perspective on them. So much so, that he has created his own foundation (3D: Disabilities and Disorders with Dignity) to help disabled people in the community. By reaching out to local leaders and legislators, James is helping to  make the city a more accessible place and provide more opportunities for disabled people. Listen in as James shares more of his story.