Becky Bowser

Becky Bowser

Front Desk Assistant email

Enjoying the Lord’s gifts and numerous blessings is something I love to do! Last summer our family went on a trip to Lake Tahoe, and during a bike ride, we came to a big clearing where the beauty just took our breath away. I remember getting off of my bike and being in awe of the goodness and wonder of our Savior’s creation! My goal is to feel this way even in the everyday and the mundane; if you abide in HIM you can see his loving hands all around.  

I get excited when the Holy Spirit is able to use an imperfect person like myself to minister to others. Calvary has been my church home for 15 years, and through different seasons I have served in different ministries, including leading women’s Bible studies and teaching Sunday School. I currently serve as a mentor mom in our MOPS program as well as being part of the Guest Connections team.  

My most precious gift, besides the Lord himself, is the family he has given to me. If you see my crying in church this fall, it will be because my firstborn, Taylor, is heading off to college! I also have a 16-yea old son, Zack, and a 13-yearold daughter, Sasha. The guy that’s been by my side helping me wrangle these 3 teenagers is my cutie hubby of 22 years, Tom. We enjoy putting up the volleyball net in our backyard and battling through a competitive family game, and then coming inside for some homemade ice cream.

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