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Kathleen & Bill's Story: Carried

“We were carried along for 6 weeks: couldn’t drive, couldn’t grocery shop, couldn’t get outside the house, could barely get out of bed. During that time, we fought this peace battle. We said, ‘God is in this.’ We can only attribute that to prayer. We’ve got 60 prayer partners through our ministry, we’ve got the church, we’ve got a small group. We knew these people were praying, and they were also following up and showing up. That carried us. And it still does.”

Kathleen & Bill's Story, Part 2: Lament

Right now I’m reading through the Psalms and a book on lament. I never really thought about that word before. It’s a prayer in pain that leads to trust. It’s putting words to what I didn’t have words for before. Not to get stuck in the lament and the negative side of that, but to acknowledge that I can tell God what I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. He already knows.

All In: Baptism Stories

Baptism is a celebration at Calvary. These are stories from people we’ve rejoiced with in 2019 as they went all in for Jesus.

Haiti Mission Team's Story: Do Good

Short-term mission trips are core to our global outreach ministry at Calvary. A mission trip shakes you out of complacency and usually puts you in the uncomfortable position of serving “the least of these.” And living out the gospel like that shifts something inside people. The obvious goal is for you to serve God by serving others, but what the global outreach team prays will happen is that you come home wanting to continueserving others, if not overseas then right in your community. That’s what happened to 7 medical professionals who went to Haiti last year. They left a part of their hearts behind and brought home a driving compassion to keep doing good where it was needed.