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James' Story: A Light in the Darkness

On Student’s Takeover Sunday (9.1.19), we played this story from James Rusher, who reflects on how the Calvary Students community provided “a light in the darkness” when he needed it most and helped him find his way to a Jesus-first kind of life.

Sevenglory's Africa Story

Music transcends culture and connects people. It is a gateway to sharing the message of the gospel, a message of hope. This is Sevenglory's story of their 10 days in Africa. It's part of our church's longer story too. Because when a mission team goes out, they carry the whole church with them. 

2016 Our Story

2016 was a year full of faith, growth, struggle, and everything in between. We believe that re-telling these stories not only encourages us but helps point others to how God is at work in the midst of it all. Enjoy this video snapshot of the life of Calvary Church in 2016.

Jame's Story: Living from the Inside Out

Statistically speaking, James Cooper shouldn’t be alive right now. Most people with Duchenne muscular dystrophy don’t live past their early twenties. He’s 37. And while his life is a miracle in and of itself, what’s even more miraculous is the abundant life he’s found in Christ despite his circumstances...