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What is the elder board? The elder board is the body that guards and shepherds the church. The elder board at Calvary is composed of 4 pastoral elders employed by Calvary Church and 8 lay elders, trusted members and leaders who are professionals in the community. Scroll to the bottom of the team page to see the current elder board.

How can I nominate someone? As a member of Calvary Church, you are invited to nominate someone to the elder board. You can use the form below to submit your nomination or pick up a paper form from Guest Services on Sunday or at the church offices in the Life Change Center. If you have questions about the elder board or nominations, contact elder Brian Gensel. Or you can connect with an elder after service on Sunday at the front of the worship center.

How does the nomination process work? Nominations are sent to the nominating committee for review and interviews. The nominating committee is composed of 2 church members, 2 lay elders, and 1 pastor elder. Currently serving on the committee are Denny Hyten, Shannon Courtaney, Brian Gensel, John Matthiesen, and Jon Nitta. The committee will send a shortlist of candidates to the full elder board for consideration. Two candidates will be selected from this group to join the elder board before the end of 2019. Click this link to read the full nomination policy.

This is a process steeped in prayer and fully entrusted to the Lord. Please join us in praying that God will reveal the best person to join the elder board at this time.

Who can be an elder? Candidates for the Calvary Church elder board must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  • a man at least 30 years of age

  • a member of Calvary for at least 5 years

The Bible lays out even more characteristics of someone who will humbly guide the church. Pastor Jon Nitta has compiled a list of these characteristics in the nomination policy. In short, an elder should be someone who not only leads but also serves with a spirit of humility and genuine care for others.

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