Your Wedding Day

Thank you for considering Calvary Church as a possible location for your wedding ceremony.  We understand that this is a very special time for you, and that you have many important decisions to make concerning your wedding day.  Below are Calvary's Eligibility and Application guidelines for weddings.  Click here to see the entire Wedding Policy for Calvary Church.  If you have further questions, please contact Donna Kreig, Wedding Coordinator, at


Eligibility & Application


To be eligible for hosting a wedding at Calvary, the bride or groom must be a member of Calvary Church (or the child or parent of a Calvary Church member or a committed regular attender).  Calvary Church expects that you—the couple—are desiring not only a Christian ceremony, but also a Christian marriage. 


A wedding application must be filled out by the couple, including personal contact information, a statement of faith, and a signed copy of the policies. The application helps Calvary’s pastoral team learn more about you and your fiancé. If you would like to have an outside pastor officiate your wedding, you will need to submit this request with your application, to be approved by the pastoral team.   


The couple will be required to interview with a pastor at Calvary.  The couple must call the church office to schedule an interview with a member of Calvary’s pastoral staff.  Any pastor may be requested to officiate, but due to the volume of requests we receive, another pastor may be assigned to work with you.


To secure your wedding date on the church calendar, your application must be submitted to the Calvary Church office.  Please note that your date will not be secured on the Calvary Church calendar until the interviewing pastor has given his approval for the wedding, the Executive Pastor has cleared the use of the church facility, and a $275 deposit has been paid. We strongly discourage you from making any other arrangements for the desired date until the date has been confirmed on the Calvary Church calendar.