Kay Nitta

Kay Nitta

Front Desk Assistant email

On most days, I’m the first face you see when you walk through the doors of our office, but I’m also the one keeping the office organized and processes running well so the rest of the team can get their jobs done. I’m constantly thinking through new ways to make things run more smoothly. 

I’m a people person so if there’s a lot of laughter coming from the back of the office, I’m headed there to join in the fun. I love to laugh! What I like about this job is that I get to combine two unique loves: enjoying many people and working on projects. Recently, I have stepped back into leading women’s Bible studies. I had forgotten how much I enjoy teaching the Word and challenging others to grow in Christ.

Jon Nitta is my supportive husband of 29 years. We have two wonderful grown sons, a lovely daughter-in-law, and a precious grandson. Jon and I have always loved serving God’s Kingdom together whether it is in a church setting, overseas, or a parachurch setting. God has been so faithful taking our family on many unexpected journeys in life that have proved to be faith-stretching while bringing renewed dependence on God. We love working with the young adults and seeing what God is doing in their generation. And we just love to have fun with them. Our house has held many events as well as providing a place for some to live. I believe we have been blessed to be a blessing for others.

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