Serving at Calvary

There are many opportunities to serve within the community at Calvary. Whether you have a gift for making people feel welcome, playing guitar, or playing with toddlers, your help makes the difference for all of us as we grow in our relationship with Christ.  

Scroll down to see serving opportunities in Calvary ministries. Not sure where you fit in? Complete a Finding Your Fit for Serving survey to learn more about your unique skills and passions and how you can make an impact.

Ministry Teams



Do you love kids? Are you good at playing with toddlers, or maybe even teaching a 5-year-old about Noah and the Ark? Click below to learn more about serving in Children's Ministries.

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Do you connect with students? Do you like to invest in students as they wrestle through life and faith in middle and high school? Calvary Student Ministries is the place for you!

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Guest Connections

Do you like meeting new people? Are you good at making people feel welcome when they are new to the community? The Guest Connections team is the place for Greeters, Ushers, Parking Guides, and more.

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Do you have a heart for helping someone in need?  Do you have skills to provide a service or simply visit with someone and pray?  Are you willing to draw from your experiences to help other heal from life’s hurts? The Care Team might be the place for you.

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Worship + Tech

CalvaryLIVE is a team of people dedicated to humbly serving the church through music and technology.  Their goal is to exalt the name of Jesus and provide environments to respond to God's love through corporate worship.

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Creative Media

Are you captivated by a good story? Do you get excited about life change? Are you looking for ways to use your gifts in videography, photography, or writing?  The Creative Media Team faithfully captures the essence of what God is doing in peoples lives as events and stories unfold!

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