Purchase an item or fund an entire room

The brand new spaces for Calvary Kids are almost complete. You can help make these spaces EVEN MORE fun and engaging for our kids. We are all about irresistible spaces for our kids at Calvary – a place they want to come back to every week to learn more about Jesus and the big God-story!  Kids will be moving into some of the brand new classrooms in October. Help us get them ready to move-in! 

Move in begins soon! Purchase by Sunday, August 28.

Scroll through the items below and choose one that you would like fund - or fund an entire room. Click the item and add it to your cart. When you're ready, check out just like you would when online shopping, and your gift goes to helping get kids and students moved in to their new spaces. Other ways to give:

  • Drop a donation in the offering on Sunday.
  • Mail a check to Calvary Church, 1304 Evans Avenue, Valparaiso IN 46383 with “MOVE-IN” marked as the description.
  • Make a donation online HERE adding "MOVE-IN" as the description.

Nursery + Preschool

Nurturing spaces make our little ones (and their parents!) feel safe. When families bring their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to Calvary, we want them to see bright, welcoming rooms with fun, interactive toys and smiling, helpful caretakers. It's important that moms and dads know their littles are important to us and will experience the best of care while they are in our hands.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

When a young child walks into one of our classrooms, he or she should know one thing: learning about God is serious fun. That's why we're making spaces that speak directly to a child's sense of wonder. We're inviting kids to fall in love with coming to church so they can fall in love with Jesus. Much of our current equipment will be reused, so you can help us supplement with the new pieces we need to outfit rooms for 5 - 11 year olds.

Special Needs

If you've never heard of our Wonderfully Made ministry, it's an adaptive program with interactive fun, education, and Bible teaching for elementary-aged children with special needs. And it's growing as more parents learn that they can entrust their child to our care and spend an hour worshipping God with the Calvary community. We would love to add new multi-sensory activities to this room to make it a soothing experience for the kids.


No one should have to miss a church service to care for a child. Our mothers room is a comfortable and quiet space for moms to meet the needs of their infants. A live TV feed of the worship service right in the room means they can still participate in worship and Sunday morning teaching.

Students + Hangouts

Warm and inviting spaces in the children & students wing serve our ministries on Sunday and throughout the week. A brand new entrance welcomes families to the church and invites parents and students to linger while children play.

For students especially, we want Calvary to be a safe hangout spot on Sunday nights and throughout the week. They are grappling with real pressures and temptations, and church should be a place where they can find refuge as well as good fun. Here they can talk through those issues when they're ready and grow their faith independently and in community with one another. 

Security + Tech

In an increasingly connected world, we have to be aware of the need for both security and functionality. Equipment funding isn't flashy or fun but it keeps our kids safe and helps us bring the very best in Christian teaching to our classrooms. That's worth every penny.