Kids Alive Kenya

Mitaboni & Calvary Church

In 2011, Calvary committed to support the children at the Kids Alive Home in Mitaboni, Kenya, including their food, housing, and educational needs. Calvary has sent mission teams to the home and has supported projects such as a new building to house even more children and a playground for the community.

This home, situated about two hours drive from Nairobi, currently cares for and houses children, mainly AIDS-orphans that have nowhere else to live. These children attend a local school and enjoy being part of the local church that meets on an adjacent piece of land. Kids Alive is strenghtening communities through the Keeping Families Together initative in which relatives of children are located and families re-established with support.

The video below is taken from a vision trip made by Calvary members to Mitaboni in early 2011. This was the beginning of Calvary's sponsorship of the Kids Alive Kenya Nzoweni Home in Mitaboni. 

- The physical health of the children, especially those who arrive with injuries, malnutrition, and disease.
- That the staff will endurance and confidence.
- Keeping Famlies together program where children are re-established with relatives with support and training with Kids Alive.

Physical & Spiritual growth

Not only does Mitaboni provide for the daily needs of the children, the staff is also committed to caring for their spiritual needs. Children are learning to serve God and others. Older children help to lead and teach younger ones with a love that is evident and contagious. From a staff member at Mitaboni: "It's easy to see how Jesus is healing and transforming these precious lives."

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