Pioneers, Brazil

The Geurinks live on Brazil's Amazon border with Columbia and Peru, where there are many people groups unreached with the Gospel. This region is also home to the highest concentration of completely uncontacted people groups in the entire world!

The government has declared many of these tribes to be off-limits to outsiders, and they are under enormous pressure to reject anything a select group of "experts" considers to be a harmful extra-cultural influence, such as the liberating and transforming message of the  Gospel.

Michael and Katrina and their family work primarily with the Ticuna tribe, partnering with a local Ticuna church in their efforts to reach their own neighboring tribes with the Gospel including through a four-year series of Bible classes held outside the restricted area as well as training specifically for tribal pastors and missionaries who have unrestricted access to their own people.

They are also involved with Unfolding Word in coordinating the translation of 50 illustrated Bible stories that will be available to each language group as a smartphone app. Even if books were available in their language, oral culture tribe members would generally rather purchase a cell phone than a book. While the 50 Bible stories are quickly translatable and a great start for tribes that as of yet possess no biblical content, the Geurinks don't want to stop there. 

Upcoming developments include translation training workshops targeting 60 Amazon tribal languages, enabling native speakers to complete their own translation of the Bible for their language. Many of these tribes have a small population that falls under a level that would be prioritized by a large Bible-translating mission organization, yet they still do not have the Bible in their own language. When would they ever receive a translation if they had to wait for an outside expert to come in and spend 20-60 years learning the language and translating? The Geurinks are working to close that gap.

Michael and Katrina are team leaders with Pioneers. They have worked in the Amazon since the year 2000 and have four adopted children--Ian, Vivian, Gabriela, and Jesse.


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