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Foamboard Projection - March 29, 2016


We have a pretty light set budget at Calvary Church, so we have to get thoughtful about what is going up on stage.  Our department is only 3 people; a worship director that used to be a home builder, an associate worship director and youth worship director that came out of a touring background, and myself, the Tech Director, also a touring guy.  On a tour set, you want your staging to be reliable, strong, and extremely versatile.  The more looks you can get out of a set piece, the better, because that's one less rack of toys that has to fit in the semi/under the bus/in the van. The transition to church work has made our thinking on set design change significantly.  We have less money, but, we also don't have to set up in Cleveland tomorrow night.  Therefore, our sets can be made a lot cheaper, plus we know the optics of our room, so we know what the people can and can't see. 



You will need:
 2X4's, 1/2 inch foamboard (the kind that's a little pilly), foam board adhesive, finish nails, duct tape, LED tape, LED modulators, a power supply, 2 projectors, and some way to hang the screens.  Tools: General Construction tools, circular saw, table saw, wire strippers, a drill, etc.

We made our screens in dimensions of 4', 6',and 8', by 2', to maximize our material.  We made 2x2 frames, glued foamboard to them, with 2x2's cut down the middle at 45 degree angles nailed to the side of the frame, so that the tape would warm the edges of the screen.   We applied duct tape, sticky side up, on the angled 2x2, with staples.  Then, we stuck the LED tape on the 2 long sides of the frame.  We connect the leads of our LED tape with Phoenix connectors, using 22 4 security wire.  The wire connects to the modulator, which connects to the power supply.  The modulator sends signal to the lighting console.  The middle of the screens had video content, coming from ProPresenter 5.  We masked out the screens, and each set of 3 screens were projected on with Optoma HD141X projectors, from 15 ft. away.  For rigging, we seriously ziptied 2x2's to some truss on baseplates, and stood them up.  These screens are so light, you could rig them with sash line if you wanted.

On the projection side, remember that you will need a Triple Head 2 Go from Matrox to be able to project lyrics on sidescreens with center graphic content. 

Without the projectors and LED infrastructure, this set cost about $150.  Not bad at all. 

Thanks for reading, if you have questions, call Calvary Church of Vaparaiso at 219-426-4026 or email at