How We "Gave It All Away"

on Father's Day Sunday

Thank you for your generosity to the community on our "Give It All Away" Sunday at Father's Day in the Park. Every dollar given at the park, online, and via text-to-give on that day is going to our local partners in Valparaiso and NWI. Here's how we're sharing your gifts with those who need care:

The Caring Place domestic violence shelter is receiving a stock of Christian resources and Bibles for the library and chapel in their new shelter. For the special women from Women's Center of NWI who are part of a community group at Calvary for at-risk moms who have chosen to carry and parent their babies, we're providing additional Christian resources, baby supplies, and scholarships to Calvary's Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) program this fall.

We're closing the gap on the funds Compass International Family Center needs to purchase a van to transport refugee and immigrant families settling here in Valparaiso between home and Compass and to fun events like Christian concerts and evening school activities. At Housing Opportunities, we're providing the remaining balance needed to build a laundry facility for families without means or transportation to a laundromat.

As part of our continuing commitment to equip those who are equipping others, we are underwriting the work of Our Greater Good to provide Love & Logic parenting classes for families at our partner schools, TJ Elementary and Parkview Elementary. And we're providing resources and training for a Coaches Bible Study that will be held at Calvary by Fellowship of Christian Athletes during the coming school year.