We are a growing church.

God is at work in our hearts and in this community. Yet there are still more people who need the gospel and a supportive church family. We can make a place for them. 

We have dreamed, planned, and prepared. 
We are ready for God to do EVEN MORE.

Commitments to Date



Project Timeline

What’s Next?

The next phase of the project is to build the Chapel of Hope on the north side of the building and build a north entrance into the Commons. That gets underway this summer. By fall, we’ll be repaving the parking lot and finally, in October, be able to call the Even More project done.

Spring 2019

The tarps are down! The Commons is done! Well, okay, there is some finishing work yet to do, but that continues during the week while our church community worships here on Sunday and gathers throughout the week.

Winter 2019

During the cold months of winter, constructions crews have worked steadily to complete the Commons [foyer] in stages plus doing finishing work on classrooms and throughout the building.

December 2018

We’re in! We celebrated the first Sunday of Advent in our new worship center. New chairs arrive in January and at long last, we’ll have a seat for everyone who wants to hear the gospel.

Fall 2018

A summer fundraising campaign to furnish our children’s and students' wing was a success! These brightly colored rooms with their just-the-right-size furnishings and toys are a delight to families. On the other side of the building, everyone wants a peek behind the big, black tarp closing off the worship center!

Summer 2018

All this summer and into the fall (and maybe winter), we’ll be worshiping in the gym. The kids addition is done (and beautiful!) so work is underway on the west end of the building to make a wider, longer worship center and a new, wide-open commons area [foyer].

April 2018

Walls! And a roof line! The new classrooms are being framed. It's a delight to *see* upward progress. From here the pace picks up as the weather warms and our construction partners Tonn & Blank put an aggressive, phased construction schedule in place. Stay tuned!

4.18 Even More.jpg

Winter 2018

If it seems a little slow on the reconstruction front lately, well, looks can be deceiving. The project continues apace as the church's building team hammers out construction schedules (pun intended) with Tonn & Blank and considers the 1001 details that go into a project like this: hardware, furnishings, equipment, paint colors...

December 2017

The first events are hosted in the new Gathering Room downstairs at the LCC.

"The Hole" at the main campus keeps getting bigger. 

November 2017

Move in! The staff begins the transition from the main campus offices to new digs in the Life Change Center.

New signs announce we're open to the community.


October 2017

Groundbreaking at the main campus! First project: a foundation for new classrooms on the kids and students wing.

Ground Breaking-44-2.jpg

Fall 2017

Construction crews are working on finishing details at the Life Change Center. Landscaping begins soon!


August 2017

Paint is on the walls!




Summer 2017

Windows and doors go in at the Life Change Center, and a local craftsman created some of the office decor for the Life Change Center.   


Spring 2017

Interior spaces are framed in the Life Change Center and drywall is going up. Staff and elders get a tour and pray for even more lives to be changed forever with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

February 2017

Construction begins on the Life Change Center!


January 2017

Even More commitments exceed $3.8 million!

Winter 2016

Architectural drawings are complete for the future Life Change Center, and a contractor has been selected. Demolition, mostly by church volunteers, gets underway while we wait for permits to begin construction.

June 5, 2016

Even More Celebration Sunday celebrates the $3.5 million our community committed to the Even More project.

May 1, 2016

Even More is presented to the church community! Members and attenders are invited to join with staff and leaders in committing to the expansion project.

$2.1M is already committed by staff, elders, and ministry leaders. 

April 2016

A month of prayer as preparation for the Even More generosity initiative in May. God, give your wisdom and creativity so that this community can experience spiritual growth and life change.

February 2016

Calvary ministry leaders are invited to see the latest plans and to join with staff and elders in being the first to commit to the expansion project.

January 2016

Staff and elders review fresh building expansion plans for the main campus and Life Change Center and make the initial financial commitments to the project.

June 2015

Purchase the old Farm Bureau building at 1304 Evans Ave. With renovations, this will be the Life Change Center for Calvary Church.


Launch Vision 2020 to share a vision of our future with the Calvary Church community and ask for feedback on expansion plans.

Designers and Building Team go back to the drawing board, working on plans late into the year.


Expert consultants brought in to help our staff and elders plan for growth. 


Begin dreaming of an expansion project to accommodate our growing church.