Every journey begins somewhere

If you're thinking about joining the Calvary community, your journey begins with Starting Point. In 3 sessions (or 1 turbo-session), find out what Calvary is all about, how you can be a part, and what God can do in us when we follow Him together. Whether you're considering membership or just want to learn more about it means to be Christ-follower, start here.

What is Membership?

  • Membership means making Calvary Church your home church.

  • As a member, you formally join other Christ-followers in pursuing the vision God has for Calvary in the community and the world.

  • As a member, you "do life" with other Christ-followers, and together we all come to understand our roles and responsibilities for making this church body work properly. 

  • As a member, you can expect to be cared for and made to feel you belong (while you make others feel the same way) in a community of people with diverse backgrounds.

Attending church is great, and we're glad you've been attending Calvary. However, belonging to a church community has added value and benefits that you may not even realize yet. Everyone is looking for a place where they fit in and can be of use, and we think church should be that kind of place. Starting Point will help you see how joining a church is different from going to one. And no matter what you decide about becoming a member, you'll know what Calvary has to offer and what you can offer to Calvary.