JBL VRX Sound System



This sound system was deployed in a church 7 years ago, and was run at around 95 db for the majority of it’s life. In the last few yerars, the amplification was modified, and it was run at around 100 db at the booth C weighted. It is currently configured for a LCR configuration; picture at the bottom. We only used 5 boxes, 3 in the center, and 1 on either side in a gym. So, that is why the labeling is as it is. There is enough amplification to do the whole rig including subs, but you will have to reconfigure. The amp rack is deep, so the driverack and power conditioner could be move to accommodate another amp if needed. At any rate, the system is in mint physical shape, and has never been abused or taken outside. Gear list at the bottom.


Gear List

  • 6 JBL VRX 932 LA-1 Passive Boxes - $1200 each on the used market is avg.

  • 2 VRX 918S Subwoofers - $1100 each used

  • 2 VRX-AF Flyware Frames - $1100 used

  • Rack Case - 16 space deep Anvil rack - $400

  • Furman M-8DX Power Conditioner - $50

  • DBX Driverrack Pa+ - $200

  • 4 QSC 2402 Amplifiers - $250 each

  • 2 QSC 3402 Amplifiers - $450 each

  • 1 QSC 3002 Amplifier - $300

  • Custom Power Con, XLR and Speakon Rack Connection, Pyle Rack fan and Thermometer included, but not configured. Will configure if needed.

  • 2 75 ft, 4 50 Ft., 2 30 ft Banana plug to NL4FC Speakon Cables (12 gauge), 4 Edison to Powercon Cables ($200)


Interested in selling this rig to a church in a box, or church that needs the rig as built. Open to breaking it up eventually, but would prefer not to right now. Initial asking $13,000, obo. Email at gabe@calvaryweb.net for inquiries.