What to Read: Same-Sex Attraction & Sexual Identity

In the second sermon in the Credo: Here We Stand series, “Father, Almighty, Creator,” I mentioned sexual identity as one of the cultural issues on which Christians must take a stand that is grounded in Scripture and compassionate and kind. Below is a list of resources by Christians who are studying, thinking, talking, and praying about this issue. Some of them have personal experience; all handle this subject with grace. These are resources our Calvary Church pastors recommend.


ROOTED: Books that consider the theology of sexuality and provide real answers for the church


 by Kevin DeYoung
DeYoung first examines key biblical passages in the Old and New Testament and the Bible’s overarching teaching about sexuality and then responds to popular objections raised by Christians and non-Christians alike. An accessible, highly readable book that specifically lays out what the Bible does and does not say on this issue.

Is God Anti-Gay by Sam Allberry
In this short, simple book, pastor and writer Allberry answers some of the questions confused Christians are asking about homosexuality, the Bible, and same-sex attraction. 


RELEVANT: Theologically grounded books by authors who share their personal experience at the intersection of sexuality and faith


Single, Gay, Christian by Gregory Coles
A transparent, beautifully written story of one man’s journey of faith and sexual identity. It is a valuable story not only for those struggling with same-sex attraction,  but for every Christian who admits that they too are broken and in need of Jesus.

Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill
Hill asks, and answers, the question, “Is there a place for celibate, gay Christians in the church?” Reflecting on faithfulness in the midst of brokenness, he offers a fresh perspective for the church and those who may feel alienated by it.




Dr. Christopher Yuan combines his life experience and his intensive study of hermeneutics to bring a measured, compassionate, and biblical perspective to this sensitive issue. “A Christian Response to Homosexuality” is an hour long audio workshop. Listen in the car or on a jog. It's well worth the time.

“Why ‘God and the Gay Christian’ is Wrong About the Bible and Same-Sex Relationships”by Christopher Yuan
If you have a subscription to Christianity Today, Yuan’s rebuttal of Matthew Vine’s case for same-sex marriage is smart, honest, and rooted in the whole of Scripture.

Timothy Keller took on Vine’s book in a review article as well. It’s available without a subscription:“The Bible and Same-Sex Relationships: A Review Article."