What to Read

In the second sermon in the Credo: Here We Stand series, “Father, Almighty, Creator,” I mentioned sexual identity as one of the cultural issues on which Christians must take a stand that is grounded in Scripture and compassionate and kind. Below is a list of resources by Christians who are studying, thinking, talking, and praying about this issue. Some of them have personal experience; all handle this subject with grace. These are resources our Calvary Church pastors recommend.

In my post-election sermon on Sunday, November 20, 2016, I referenced a number of great articles and books that have helped me think about my position as a citizen of God's kingdom and a citizen in the "kingdom of man." Below I'm sharing those with you. These are all resources focused first and foremost on putting God's kingdom first so I can recommend each one to you.

There are so many great Christian resources on romance, desire, and sex, including both lay and scholarly commentaries on Song of Songs. Below some works/authors I highly recommend. You'll find them in the Calvary Church bookstore or online.

I’m doing a lot of reading this summer, trying to nourish my own soul, while staying fresh for my teaching responsibilities at Calvary.  I do most of my reading early in the morning, in the evening, on my day off, or on vacation; though I do occasionally snag some work hours for theological reading (since it is part of my work).  Thought I would blog about a few of the many books I’ve picked up to devour this summer.