Sevenglory into all the world - October 2013

Sevenglory came home from Africa with many stories form their time with Nairobi Chapel in Kenya!



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  • Spreading the Gospel Through Song 
  • Serving the Global Church 
  • Sharing God's Grace with Orphans


Sevenglory spent time with pastors, worship leaders, and church plants, they lead worship, played concerts in High Schools, Universities, and at Nairobi Chapel.

They spent time with orphans, visited with the children at the Calvary sponsored home in Mitaboni, and visited some of the most impoverished areas. 

The band visited with radio stations and were featured on National Kenya radio and television.

They had the opportunity to record with other national recorded Kenya artists. 

Friends of Sevenglory and Calvary Church have partnered with the band in prayer and financial support.  A total of $26,554 was given to the "Sevenglory Goes to Africa" Fund to fully support this trip. Thank you to all of those who have generously given to make this trip possible. The band is so thankful for this opportunity to spread the Word through worship across the globe. Over 700 lives were saved during this tour!

You are a blessing!

Thank you from Sevenglory
Kurt Felsman, Caleb Johannes, Gabe Johannes, Jeff Smith, & Team

 SG Africa image