The following articles are great resources that offer further explanation on the topics listed. Please feel free to download, read and pass on these articles.


Understanding Evangelicalism

Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals
The word "evangelical" was made popular by Martin Luther in the sixteenth century. But what is an evangelical today? What is the difference between a fundamentalist and an evangelical?


The Church: Why Bother?

Tim Stafford
Tim Stafford of Christianity Today makes a claim that many American Christians would consider outlandish: "There is no healthy relationship to Jesus without a relationship to the church." Read on...


Church Discipline

Christianity Today
What is the purpose of church discipline?  Why have so many churches failed to practice this Biblical mandate?  The above link has articles from the history of church discipline to discipline in mega churches.


Understanding Baptism

Pastor Lionel Young
Why do some people baptize infants, while others do not?  What is the meaning of baptism? How is baptism related to salvation? When should a person be baptized?


Leadership and Church Size Dynamics

Dr. Timothy Keller
The very first church was a mega-church of 3,000 located in the city of Jerusalem.  Big churches have been around since the beginning of time – and big churches CAN be places where people find real community along with authentic worship and excellent Biblical instruction.  Now that Calvary Church has grown to become a community of nearly 1,000 worshippers, we are doing some things differently so that we can serve absolutely everyone well.  Here is a great article by Tim Keller that our leadership has found very helpful.  If you come from a smaller church – you just might want to read it.