Prayer at Calvary

At Calvary, we want prayer to be such an obvious part of our DNA that when people talk about us, they say, "Wow, when Calvary prays, you know something big is going to happen!" But not because we want the attention. We want God to get the glory and for others to benefit. Our church family has seen some incredible answers to prayer in recent years. We've seen the sick healed, the devastated restored, the spiritually dead renewed. That's only the beginning. God has so much more for us.

We are a church that prays big
because we serve a big God

Season of Prayer - Sunday Gatherings

Calvary leaders been working steadily on the church campus expansion project for a couple of years, and during that time, prayer has been an essential part of the process. Now, as we speed toward the final design, the giving initiative in 2016, and the actual construction phase, we want to take this moment in time—this season—to pause and pray. 

God has been blessing Calvary abundantly. That's why we're growing. This is the time to be thankful for the people God has brought into our community and the lives we have seen changed through the gospel. But more than that, it is the time to ask Him for more. God loves that. He loves it when His people ask to serve Him more, to give Him more, to glorify Him more for all that He has done and will do. 

Join us as we pray for God to do even more in and through us at Calvary.


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