Lionel Young - Senior Pastor

Lionel oversees preaching and vision for the Calvary Church community. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies (Grace College), a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Theology (Grace Theological Seminary) and a Master of Theology in the History of Christian Thought (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).  He is currently completing his PhD studies in Global Christianity at the University of Stirling (Scotland).  Lionel is the author of A New Kind of Missionary, a popular introduction to global Christianity. 

Fun Facts About Lionel:

Family: Stacy, my high school sweetheart since 1983, is an organizer extraordinaire!;  “my guys” – Fleet, Robby, and Bradley. 

Biggest influences: John Calvin (d. 1563), Rev. Bill Goode (d. 1997), Douglas Sweeney (professor of history at TEDS), John Piper, and my wife

Music in my car/on my iPod: Matt Redman, Jack Johnson, Third Day, Matt Kearney, James Taylor, John Mayer, Five for Fighting, (prefer Classical Baroque when studying) 

Favorite word:  My favorite word right now is “Procrustean”  (I have new favorite words every week).

Least favorite word:   can’t

Sound/noise I love:  rain in the woods, ocean waves on a beach, golf ball “sticking” a green

Sound/noise I hate:   phone ringing

Favorite movies:  Braveheart, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings (all three), The “Bourne” Trilogy, and Pale Rider (imagine being a preacher who could shoot a gun like that)

Favorite book(s): Screwtape Letters (C. S. Lewis); Desiring God (John Piper); The Next Christendom (Philip Jenkins); New Kind of Christian (Brian MacLaren), although I disagree with much of his stuff; Institutes (John Calvin)

Spare time:  Golf, reading, writing, traveling, time with family, a good movie

Best invention:  British ale

Another profession I’d like to try:  professional baseball player for the Houston Astros (would prefer playing second base and I would like to bring back the flashy orange uniforms)

A profession I never want to try:  actuary

Passion(s):  helping people discover a life that is “fully alive” in God, for their joy and God’s glory

Biggest frustration(s):  People who “sit in the stands” and criticize the “players on the field.”  (Sorry, but I only care about the opinion of people who have mud on their uniforms.)

When I get to Heaven, I’d like to hear God say:   There’s a Calvary Church reunion just up the road.  Listen for the loud music and it will take you there – It’s a big party and they have been waiting to hang out with you forever.