Mark Lackey - Pastor of Student Ministries

Mark provides leadership for the church staff while also working with university ministries. He will soon be pouring his energy and passion into our students as he begins his new position of Pastor of Student Ministries! Mark holds a BA in Business Management and a MA in Theology from Grace Theological Seminary.


Fun Facts About Mark:

Family: wife (Kelly), Children: Ben, Nate, Katie, Addie, Anna

Biggest influences:  My Dad!  He is a very balanced individual who has an incredible ability to handle every situation with grace and might. 

Music in my car: I enjoy a wide variety of music.  My all-time favorite band is U2, you will find me also listening to some Hillsong, the David Crowder Band, Social Distortion, Sevenglory, Sean Macdonald, and on occasion I can tune into and enjoy some classic hymns.  

Favorite Word: Complete 

Least favorite word: “Air Ball” 

Sounds and Noise I love:  Squeaky Swings at a park

Noise I hate: loud chewers 

Favorite Movies: Hoosiers, Gladiator, Dead Poets Society, A Few Good Men (Did you order the code red) 

Favorite books:  Bible, The Catcher in the Rye, Courageous Leadership (Bill Hybels), Lectures to my Students (Spurgeon), When Sinners say “I Do” (Dave Harvey)… 

Spare Time: Hanging with my wife and kids, playing basketball, traveling, being outdoors… 

Best invention:  A Tooth Brush (first thing that came to mind) 

Another profession I’d like to try: A Camp director, DNR (or the ministry for you Canadians), or CIA 

A profession I never want to try:  Septic maintenance, or embalmer! 

Passions: The Gospel, healthy marriages/families, unreached people groups, and chocolate! 

Biggest frustrations: Not being able to change the hearts of people, and plastic silverware.  

When I get to heaven I want to hear God say: “Well done Mark, well done!  How about I put some nice thick hair on that head of yours.”