Julie Shoupe - Assistant to Spiritual Formation

Julie assists the Pastor of Spiritual Formation and coordinates several of Calvary’s internal community-building initiatives and events. She has an Executive Assistant Certificate from Davenport College.

Fun Facts about Julie:

Family: My husband, Dutch, and I have 4 sons: RJ, Dylan, Sam, and Cole.

Biggest influences: My parents and grandparents: I am grateful for all their prayers and godly influences!

Music in my car: Sidewalk Prophets, Skillet, Big Daddy Weave, and SevenGlory

Favorite Word: “thingy”, you can ultimately use it for most anything

Least favorite word:  using God’s name in vain

Sounds and Noise I love: laughter, especially my boys laughing and giggling

Noise I hate: my children fighting

Favorite Movies: Independence Day, We bought a Zoo, Fast and the Furious

Favorite books: The book of Daniel, Beth Moore Studies

Spare Time: Hanging out with family and friends, bicycling with my boys, traveling

Best invention: dishwasher

Another profession I’d like to try: Culinary Chef

A profession I never want to try:  Crocodile Hunter

Passions: My husband and my children 

Biggest frustrations: pessimism

When I get to heaven I want to hear God say: Well done good and faithful servant!