Gabe Johannes - Director of Technical Arts  

Gabe manages on- and off-site use of Calvary’s sound, light, and video equipment and instruments.  He has a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Communications from Indiana Wesleyan University. 


Fun Facts About Gabe:

Family: wife Emily, and daughter's Etta and Ivy.

Biggest influences:  In the order that God arranges, depending on the scenario - My Band, My Wife, My Pastors.

Music in my car:  Only Pastor Lionel's homilies but put to a dub step groove, so its more spoken word.

Favorite Word: Supercilious

Least favorite word:  Broken, Radio Shack

Sounds and Noise I love:  A well tuned drum.

Noise I hate:  A fork scraping across a plate, silence when noise is needed, and vice-versa.

Favorite Movies: Really any movie that features men blowing up stuff/shooting things and joking about it despite their impending doom.

Favorite books:  Romans, 50 Ways to Make a Muffin.

Spare Time: Wait, what?

Best invention:  The Internet or The Leatherman.  It's a draw.

Another profession I’d like to try:  Resort Evaluation Agent

A profession I never want to try:  Anything that is repetitive, or involves bugs over 4 inches in any measurement.

Passions: Jesus! His Name made greater, and being great at my work.

Biggest frustrations:  Consumerism. Apathy.  Being stuck in the post, and not being able to block a 3 pointer heaved up there by one of the Pastoral Staff.

When I get to heaven I want to hear God say:  "Get in here, Fella!  Up top!"