sports ministries


"Sports is the one area where no participant is worried about another’s race, religion or wealth: and where the only concern is ‘Have you come to play’.   Henry Roxborough

Canadian sports columnist Henry Roxborough was right about his conclusion: the most important thing about sports is playing. If you’re interested in building relationships within the Calvary community and enjoying some healthy competition, there are a number of sports in which to take part. 


men's basketball league

Registration begins in late October for the competitive basketball league that tips off at the Valpo Nazarene Church in December.  Typically, Calvary sponsors 2-3 teams of varied skill levels, and all are welcome to sign up.  

Contact person: Mike Bryant  ::  865.621.5587 or


men's and women's softball leagues

Sign up in April for one of Calvary’s men’s or ladies’ softball teams.  Both the men and ladies participate in the Valpo Parks & Recreation League, yet the atmosphere is more casual than intense.  There is also a men’s team that enjoys competing in the Duneland Church softball league. Competition in these leagues typically begins in May.

Contact person: Mike Bryant  ::  865.621.5587 or


women's volleyball league

The perennial championship team of the Valpo Nazarene league (Calvary A) is complemented by a squad with more “reasonable expectations” (Calvary B).  Nevertheless, the goal of both teams is camaraderie over winning-at-all-costs.  Registration begins in early October for a season which runs from October through February.

Contact person: Kristy Swenson::  219.201.6307