February 11, 201811:15 am


February 11, 201812:15 pm


Starting Point is exactly what it sounds like—your starting point for officially becoming part of Calvary Church and continuing to learn what it means to be a faithful Christ-follower. Starting Point is designed to not only share what Calvary believes and where it is headed (and why that’s important), but also to ensure you have the tools you need to build a solid foundation for your faith. You’ll meet others who, like you, are just starting out with Calvary and hear how you can make this your home church.

Pastor Jon Nitta is your facilitator for this highly-interactive three-session (or one turbo session) course. At Starting Point, you’ll hear about

·      Calvary’s values

·      Essential spiritual practices for growing your faith

·      What it means to become a member of church

·      What Calvary can offer you and what you can offer the Calvary community!

This class will run consecutively for 3 weeks and will be held at the Life Change Center, The Gathering Room (Room B014 in the lower level).