Sunday, March 01

Rooted is an intentional approach to making disciples (Matthew 28.18-2) though cooperative knowledge-building that is especially focused on knowing your own heart and understanding how you must live life in a complex world. Rooted combines teaching with small group interaction and short weekly projects.

We are asking that people commit to coming for one topic (one 3 to 4 week "class"). Each month will bring a new topic.

We will look at topics like:

  • How to grow and change
  • How to develop a consistent devotional life
  • How to handle conflict with others
  • A wide range of "electives" to choose from including finances, parenting, and marriage

This class will be held in Room 403.

This first Sunday for March will be Raising Kids in a Broken World led by Pastor Mark.

How do I raise my kids in a chaotic world?  How does the gospel make a difference for me as a dad (or a mom) or for my kids?  What are some realistic expectations, and where do I find encouragement for this life-changing journey?  If you think that you might be a parent someday, have one on the way, are fresh out of the delivery room, are knee deep in adolescents, or are enjoying a do-over with your grandkids…we would love for you to join in on the conversation and help us connect the gospel to the family!