Emily Johannes - Assistant to the Senior Pastor

Emily assists the Senior Pastor and oversees communication for our church community. Emily holds a BS in Public and Non-profit Administration from Grand Valley State University. 

Fun Facts About Emily:

Family: Husband Gabe and daughter Etta Faith

Biggest influences: Gabe and his patience, love, and the way he encourages me to follow Christ in our day-to-day lives. Our pastors and their love for God and His people.  The Christian women in my life who live out of the box Christian lives and show me how to be great wives and mothers! 

Music in my car/on my iPod:  Always worship. 

Favorite word:  Yeeees

Least favorite word:  License, receive, and other words that I always have to go back and re-spell. 

Sound/noise I love:  The breeze and waves at the beach!

Sound/noise I hate:  phone ringing

Favorite movies:  Science Fiction, anything epic, the Marvel Films (Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers), Star Trek, Chronicles of Narnia, Les Miserables.

Favorite book(s):  Redeeming Love, The Shack, Chronicles of Narnia, The Hunger Games, Crazy Love, The Christian Atheist, One Thousand Gifts, Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall

Spare time:  Time with Gabe and Etta, walking, reading, movies, being outdoors, camping, bonfires, swimming, hiking, reading up on natural/healthy living

Best invention:  Beach chairs and fresh salsa

Another profession I’d like to try:  Volunteer Professional Philanthropist or something in the public sector - like Governor. 

A profession I never want to try:  Profession that is repetitive with lots of numbers. 

Passion(s):  Encouraging people; working hard for the Lord as a wife, mother, and an employee. 

Biggest frustration(s):  Being expected to live the "American Dream".  People missing out on all that God has for them by living a radical Christ following life. 

When I get to Heaven, I’d like to hear God say:  I would love to get a good friendly wink and have familiar conversation with Him from having a close relationship while I am on this earth.