Want to Help Us?

We’d love your help! You can help us financially. Just click the give button and make sure to choose the Youth Missions – New Orleans fund in the Fund drop down list in Step 2. Our trip is Friday, July 17 – Sunday, July 26. 


We also need your Prayer Support

Please pray for us as we prepare, while we’re away, and when we return that God will work in our lives and in the lives of the kids we meet.  To help in praying specifically here are some details about the trip.

This summer, a team of us from Calvary’s Student Ministries is headed to New Orleans! It will be the first time many of us have visited the city, and of course we’re excited to see the sights, but more than that we’re looking forward to doing our part of help change lives in a place that’s still in recovery in so many ways.

We’re working with this really great organization called Urban Impact. We decided we couldn’t describe them any better than they describe themselves so here’s what they do:

“In the shadow of the Super Dome, site of many historic sports struggles; you find another struggle going on. The struggle of life and death. The struggle to overcome hopelessness, addiction, unemployment, and poor education. But more than that, it is a spiritual struggle.

That’s where Urban Impact lives. It is in the Central City of New Orleans that UIM strives everyday to create a neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes. Our desire is to make disciples of Christ who bring transformation to their families, their friends, their neighborhood and their city.”

We’ll be assisting with UIM’s NOLAfusion initiative, which brings in high schoolers like us to help minister to the children in the community from noon to 8p 5 days a week. We’ll help with Vacation Bible School in the early afternoon and then go out to local parks and housing developments (under the watchful eye of UIM staff and Calvary adults) to do “Challenge Circle” in the evenings. Challenge Circle is a bunch of big group games that get kids active and playing with each other and with older role models (that’s us!).

Here’s what our leaders tell us about these kinds of trips. When we come back, we’re going to be different. Spending time with people who struggle every day will open our eyes to those in our community who are struggling too. Because things like hopelessness and struggle aren’t unique to New Orleans; they’re everywhere, including here.

We’re so excited about going on a long trip, seeing a new place—a historic, iconic city!—and hanging out with our friends. This is what summer is about! But we want our summer to matter too. We want to serve God and other people. We want to do our part of change lives for the better in a little corner of the world.