Our Vision

When the gospel takes root in our hearts it naturally comes out of us. One of the ways it "gets out" is through service both in the church and in our community.

Working side by side people not only gives you a chance to meet others, but it also really meets needs in a tangible way. 

As a church we will be getting out to bless Valparaiso by taking on work projects alongside the ministries we partner with and serving the poor and needy in our city.


We will meet on Saturday, October 3rd at 8:15a in the Well at Calvary. 

We will provide donuts and coffee, pass out t-shirts, get fired up, pray and then head out to our projects.

Here is a list of projects:

Frontline Foundation

(10-15 people) 9.26.15 9a – 3p   

Ability level: minimal - cooking and serving food
Helping serve food at Chesterton Art Festival as a fundraiser for Frontline Foundation (drug addiction rehabilitation)


Housing Opportunities in Valparaiso

(40 people) 10.3.15 8:15a – when job is completed   

Ability level: need to be able to do manual labor

Power wash building                                   Clean Gutters
Wash Windows                                            Paint an Apartment
Bathroom “remodel”                                   Weeding
Sweeping                                                     Trimming Bushes
Cookout with Clients                                   Play games with Children

Housing Opportunities in Portage

(40 people) 10.3.15  8:15a - until job is completed

Ability level: minimal
Portage units - Wooden decks that need to be stained

Caring Place

(5 people) 10.3.15  8:15a – noon

Ability level: need to be an abled body to lift furniture
Driving to pick up and deliver furniture for Caring Place – provides care and services for victims of domestic violence.

Habitat for Humanity

(15-20 people) 10.3.15  8:15a – job completion

Ability level: able to get on a roof to nail shingles
Roofing job in Valparaiso.  (Probably an all day event)

Habitat for Humanity

(30 people)  10.3.15 8:15a – job completion

Ability level: able to use a hammer
Building frames for homes in South Haven at Calvary Church parking lot.

New Creations

(open) 10.3.15 8:15a – job completion

Ability level: minimal. Need to be able to take directions and perform manual labor.
Moving office and retail store to new location on Calumet, painting, general projects, clean up projects. (Always jobs to do.)