Ashley Rice - Associate Director of Children's Ministries

Ashley coordinates Children's Ministries events outside of Sunday morning such as AWANA, VBS, and Family Fun Nights. She has a BA in Communications earned from Wheaton College.

Fun Facts About Ashley:

Family: Husband: James, Son: Brayton James, Daughter: Everly Grace.  Sweet Dog: Lexi Lou Bear

Biggest influences:   My husband, James and his love and devotion towards God and his family. My parents and the Godly example they've shown me in every aspect of their lives. My friends who encourage and speak truth into my life as a friend, wife, and mom.

Music in my car:  worship music or children's sing-a-longs

Favorite Word: grace

Least favorite word: can't, won't

Sounds and Noise I love:  waves on ocean, birds chirping outside, rain  

Noise I hate: whining

Favorite Movies:  any good romantic comedy

Favorite books:  Redeeming Love, Hunger Games, and any great, encouraging parenting book (i.e. Give them Grace, Dare to Discipline) and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child (sleep training for my little ones!).

Spare Time:   spending time with my family, swimming, running, boating, walking my dog, bike rides, reading

Best invention:  coffee and dishwashers

Another profession I’d like to try: marine biologist

A profession I never want to try: window washer (strongly dislike heights)

Passions: Jesus, creating opportunities for kids to learn about Jesus, family, swimming, farming  

Biggest frustrations: complainers

When I get to heaven I want to hear God say: Welcome home!