Al Lackey - Executive Pastor

Al provides leadership for the church staff. Prior to arriving at Calvary, he served as the president of Kids Alive International for nearly 19 years. He holds a BA in Business Education from John Brown University and a MA in Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University.  


Fun Facts About Al:

Family: Anita and I have been happily married since 1970.  We have three adult children, Amy, Mark, and Amanda; eleven grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Biggest influences: Dr. Marc Gilbert, a Business Professor of mine that challenged me to think big.  Sherry Schaub, a Senior VP at Quaker Oats who helped me to integrate good business principles into the world of nonprofits. Don and Classey Nehrke who constantly reminded me of the power of prayer and demonstrated a life of humility and service to the Lord.      

Music in my car: Music is secondary to talk radio in my car.  I love talk radio and news.  Secondly would be classical music when I just want to relax.  Third would be praise and worship when I want to focus on worshiping the Lord.  I learned from my African friends that I never let praise and worship play as background music.  I must be in the mindful state of wanting to worship the Lord when listening.    

Favorite Word: “Balance”

Least favorite word: “Indifference”

Sounds and Noise I love:  Birds, wind, rain, ocean, and children playing.

Noise I hate: The cry of a hungry child or of a suffering mother that cannot care for her child.

Favorite Movies: The Bodyguard, What About Bob, Indiana Jones.

Favorite books:  Good to Great by Jim Collins, Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, Pattern for Maturity by J. Dwight Pentecost. 

Spare Time:  I love to work in my yard and around the house, have a quiet dinner out with my wife, fish with my son, and sit on my deck and watch the activity of nature and think.

Best invention: Internet

Another profession I’d like to try: An Ambassadorship to another country.

A profession I never want to try:   Scientist or Philosopher.

Passions:  My family and giving others hope!

Biggest frustrations: Those who say they love Jesus but then live lives of indifference. 

When I get to heaven I want to hear God say: Hello Al, Come on in and enjoy! I have much I want to share with you.